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Thanks for wanting to get in touch, hopefully the details you need will be found below. If you're not sure who to contact then please contact our Circuit Administrator who should be able to point you in the right direction.


Circuit Administrator

Kate Hitchcox

[email protected]



Rev. Paul A. Beetham

0121 421 7596

[email protected]

Superintendent for the whole of the Circuit with responsibility for Quinton, City Road, Court Oak and Ridgacre churches


Other ministers in Circuit

Rev. Nutan Suray

0121 552 3604

[email protected]

With responsibility for Akrill, Ladywood, St. John's, Sandon Road, West Smethwick churches


Rev. Mucharutya (John) Chisvo

0121 552 2145

[email protected]

With responsibility for Causeway Green, Rounds Green, Tipton Road, Warley Woods churches