About Birmingham (West) & Oldbury

Who We Are

The Birmingham (West) and Oldbury Circuit is part of the Birmingham District of the Methodist Church.

It is a Circuit registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales as registered charity number 1133064.
The Circuit is constituted under the Deed of Union (1932) and the Methodist Church Act of 1946.

The Circuit continues to support ordained and lay ministry in local churches and their communities. We work with schools in our area, as well as nursery education. Care and support is given to those of all communities and faiths as we follow Christ’s Command to love our neighbours.

Mission Statement

The aim of this circuit is to enable the churches and Christians in the area covered by the circuit to:

  1. Live the Christian faith in local communities in relevant ways;
  2. Stimulate and broaden their mission by: ~

               a. Leading people into a loving relationship with Christ;

               b. Serving the community and  working for social justice;

       3. Create a policy relevant to the  local situation;

       4. Develop a sense of belonging to the wider church of Christ - ecumenically, connexionally and internationally;

       5. Support and encourage one another and share resources - people, property, finances and worship.

The Circuit is responsible for 11 churches providing religious activities for their members in the City of Birmingham and the Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley and Sandwell. These activities are supervised by the Circuit Ministers, lay workers and appointed lay preachers and worship leaders, the majority of which are volunteers.
The Circuit is governed by the Trustees consisting of the Circuit Officers and representatives of each of the 13 churches forming the Circuit. The trustees hold at least three meetings each year. The Circuit Meeting is supported by the Leadership Team which consist of the ministers, lay worker, circuit stewards, treasurer and secretary, which meets before each Circuit Meeting to fix the agenda and make recommendations. Other committees report to the Circuit Meeting on Finance, Property, Ministerial Invitations and any other matters which the Circuit Meetings so decides.


 The Circuit supports 3 full time presbyters to exercise pastoral oversight of the 11 churches that make up the Circuit. The Circuit has also provided voluntary support and leadership in the form of a Lay Minister, Local Preachers and Circuit Stewards. There are many other office holders who support the churches with help and advice on property, finance, worship and work with young people. Our churches have supported charitable causes, both local and worldwide and several churches provide drop in centres for homeless people.
We have continued to develop our buildings so that we can continue to serve the changing communities where we serve.