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Name Church Phone Contact
Rev Goh Peng Beh 07979 960014 Get in contact
Rev Mucharutya Chisvo Causeway Green, Rounds Green, Tipton Road, Warley Woods 0748 312 4242 Get in contact
Rev Peter F Featherstone 0121 602 0313 Get in contact
Rev Susan V H Featherstone 0121 602 0313 Get in contact
Rev Phillip Rees 01527 871859 Get in contact
Rev Ajay Singh Quinton, Ridgacre, Court Oak, City Road 0121 421 2674 Get in contact
Rev Nutan S J Suray Akrill, Ladywood, St John's, Sandon Road, West Smethwick, Sandon Road 0748 312 4243 Get in contact
Rev Brian D Taylor Quinton 0121 422 5511 Get in contact
Rev Frances M Young 0121 472 4841 Get in contact